TMS Perinatal Registry

The TMS and Data Collection Affinity Group 

The TMS and Data Collection Affinity Group leads efforts to create and implement guidelines for clinical TMS data collection, with relevant, associated clinical data. These efforts may be presented individually or in an effort to pool larger data sets among collaborating TMS clinics and clinicians, in attempts to inform CTMSS society meeting content (e.g. conference talks, posters, abstracts, etc.), and/or the greater scientific community (e.g. academic journal publications). The overall aim of this group is to organize ways to utilize past, present and future TMS data collection in order to advance the scientific understanding of TMS, including but not limited to, factors affecting TMS outcomes, expansion of TMS clinical applications, assessment/comparison of specific TMS protocols, and factors affecting recurrence of illness.

For our first project, we are interested in gathering clinical data from CTMSS members who have used TMS during pregnancy and post-partum. Although we have a comprehensive list of data we would ideally desire (site name, demographics, diagnoses, device, protocol, rating scales, perinatal outcome), we are happy to receive any data collected. We are actively working on a mechanism for data collection and reporting. Most likely, we will create a google survey for simple data gathering. We will collaborate with the CTMSS Board of Directors to achieve a mechanism of registry access for all CTMSS members to benefit from the knowledge gained regarding clinical outcomes.

If you are willing to participate, please proceed to the SIGN UP! page and submit your contact information. 


The CTMSS TMS and Data Collection Affinity Group